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"The IRS nearly shut our business down. With the help of Redd & Greaves, P.C., we are still in business today and have an Installment Agreement that we can afford. Thanks for all your help!"

Business Owner
South Houston, Texas

"When the IRS proposed to levy me personally for my employer's tax liability, I didn't know which way to run. Redd & Greaves, P.C. kept the IRS from doing this. I am now able to sleep at night knowing that this won't happen."

Laura T.
Friendswood, Texas

"I tried another company in California, all they did was get the levy released, and the money the IRS took I never got back. But once you guys took over, you got the levy released and my money back! You guys did a wonderful job."

A. Smith
Stafford, Texas

"I thought my taxes would never go away and then I thought I would never have to pay until the IRS caught up with me for seven years of unfiled returns. I was always stressed about it, knowing that some day it would catch up to me and it finally did. My wages were garnished, they tried to take my home and I thought I was going to lose everything…I knew I needed help. I found Mr. Redd and his wonderful staff and my life changed. Thank you Redd & Greaves."

Bayou Vista, Texas

"We have been working with Redd & Greaves, P.C., they have been working with us on our taxes and the problem we have with the IRS. They have resolved our problem and we are overjoyed. I feel like they have done a fantastic job and they have relieved all of our stress."

D. Jones
Katy, Texas

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